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Bootstrap 3 - Advanced Web Development with Ray Villalobos

Bootstrap 3 – Advanced Web Development with Ray Villalobos | Lynda Video Free

Xin chào các bạn, tiếp sau bài viết về Twiter Bootstrap phiên bản 2.3.3, các bạn chắc đã hiểu được ứng dụng của Bootstrap trong việc Web nhanh chóng và hiệu quả như thế nào rồi nhỉ 🙂 Sau đây, mình muốn chia sẻ 1 Tutorial nâng cao hơn với Bootstrap 3.0 RC để ứng dụng vào nay trang Web của bạn luôn.

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Lynda com : Bootstrap 3 – Advanced Web Development with Ray Villalobos English | Size: 4.06 GB

Generate your own interactive website from scratch with Bootstrap, the mobile-friendly framework from Twitter, in this start-to-finish course with developer and author Ray Villalobos. First, you’ll plan and prototype the interface with MindMaps and Balsamiq Mockups. Next, download Bootstrap and dive into organizing your site structure with its scaffolding feature?adding PHP includes to break your code into reusable modules and building in the core navigation. Ray then shows you how to build interactive carousels, modal features, and forms, and control these features with javascript. Finally, learn to style it all with LESS and prepare to publish the results online.

Topics include:

Prototyping the site Working with a local web server Creating a baseline template with Git Scaffolding the main columns Making the site modular with PHP includes Adding basic navigation Adding a carousel Working with buttons Creating and activating tabs Adding page and structure LESS styles Introduction 2m 25s Introduction 53s What you should know 50s Using the exercise files 42s

1. Planning and Setting Up 1h 3m

Planning your site with mind maps 10m 6s Prototyping your site using mockups 14m 55s Getting and setting up a Heroku app 7m 15s Working with a local web server 2m 34s Downloading components and organizing files 4m 33s Processing LESS files with CodeKit 5m 53s Combining and minifying javascript files 5m 37s Creating a baseline template branch with Git 7m 25s Adding our assets 4m 54s

2. Scaffolding 31m 7s

Scaffolding our main columns 6m 33s Using PHP includes to modularize our site 4m 4s Adding basic navigation 3m 27s Creating a dropdown 4m 19s Automating dropdowns with jQuery 3m 36s Activating menu items automatically 3m 25s Adding footer breadcrumbs 5m 43s

3. Building Main Content 22m 9s

Adding a carousel 4m 36s Building components 4m 35s Working with buttons 3m 16s Adding a photo grid with tooltips 6m 28s Creating media components 3m 14s

4. Expanding Our Content 20m 45s

Adding the registration info promo 2m 5s Using modal photos 9m 25s Creating a carousel 5m 23s Reusing our photo component 3m 52s

5. Additional Pages 25m 50s

Creating and activating tabs 10m 5s Using a ScrollSpy component 9m 47s Enhancing responsive form layouts 5m 58s

6. Finishing Our Application 33m 25s

Editing Bootstrap LESS variables 5m 52s Adding page and structure LESS styles 8m 48s Customizing other components with LESS 3m 52s Styling your ScrollSpy component 6m 32s Finishing your websites 8m 21s Conclusion 1m 42s Next steps 1m 42s

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Link nè  : https://anhthienad.com/blog/bootstrap3-Lynda

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