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HTML5 Game Development with Phaser
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HTML5 Game Development with Phaser

HTML5 Game Development with Phaser
HTML5 Development with Phaser

Lynda.com has published the long-awaited course on HTML5 Game Development with Phaser! Special thanks to Richard Davey for looking over the code and providing guidance in the development of this course.

Phaser is a cross-platform game development for both mobile and desktop games. This fast, fun, and free framework supports both and TypeScript, targeting the open web via HTML5 Canvas. This course shows you how to put Phaser to work: creating a multi-state games that can be played on both desktop browsers and mobile devices. After you gather your assets, author Joseph Labrecque will help you start a new game project with the Brackets code editor, create a basic preloader and menu states, and then start building game entities and layering in functionality with Phaser’s sprites, groups, animations, tweens, emitters, and physics. He’ll also show you how to provide feedback to the player and add sounds effects for a more immersive gaming experience. When you’re done, Joseph shows you how to prep the game for a mobile launch.

I really like Phaser. It’s an awesome little framework for quickly building games using web standards and is quite similar to a lot of ActionScript-based frameworks like Flixel. Phaser has the concept of states – so you don’t end up placing all of your JavaScript inside one big file (but you can if you want to). It has particle systems, a group of physics libraries to choose from, rich audio support, and much more.

Why bunnies? Bunnies are cute. They are simple to draw and animate… and who doesn’t feel the need to defend such poor little creatures?

Am I giving up Flash? Of course not. I actually generate all of my visual assets and animations with Flash Professional CC in this course. I work with Flash just about every day – just as I have in the last 15 years or so. Concurrently, I’ve been working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for even longer than Flash. Just because I do work in one area doesn’t mean I abandon everything else. That’s foolish ;

Topics include:

  • Downloading the Phaser framework
  • Creating your first Phaser project
  • Building the preloader and menu states
  • Creating and spawning entities
  • Working with particles and emitters
  • Detecting and handling collisions
  • Detecting \”game over\”
  • Adding sound effects and text
  • Preparing for mobile deployment

Link download :  HTML5 Game Development with Phaser


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